Go ahead, build your 3D VR worlds and then, please, let’s figure out what to do in them

In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, a disembodied voice tells Kevin Costner to build a baseball field where he’d normally plant crops “and they will come.” Not to spoil the movie, but Costner is building the ballfield for the ghosts of a Chicago Black Sox team and, more importantly…

Let’s avoid bad and outdated technology — even at a good price

I have some good news for you. This story, which I’ve been writing for more than a decade, is getting harder to compile every year.

Leaving aside the supply chain and chip-shortage anomaly, component and innovation prices have dropped every year, making it harder for retailers to substitute under-performing, last…

The Build Back Better Act has one IRS change that could change the crypto game

My entire crypto portfolio is worth less than $200. Maybe that’s why I’m not outraged about the potential change to the IRS definition of “Broker” that could result in government oversight and tax penalties (or worse) for crypto transactions over $10,000.

I’ve been aware of this rule since it’s long…

Massive flight time and two (2!) cameras put this folding drone in a league of its own

I’ve been flying DJI drones for years and readily put them at the top of the prosumer drone hill. The Chinese manufacturer has almost consistently (I never liked the rinky-dink Spark) built smaller, lighter, faster, and better-flying robots (which is basically what drones are) than anyone else.

Its line of…

This post would be more meta if it was on Facebook

Facebook’s company renaming as Meta is less a rebranding than the creation of a new holding company called Meta to house a collection of important, possibly misunderstood, and sometimes misbehaving brands.

  • There’s the reality-challenged Oculus
  • The global communicator WhatsApp
  • The always seeking influence and slightly self-centered Instagram
  • And the problem…

Adobe’s lab is cooking up some wild, AI-powered image-manipulation technology called Project Strike a Pose

Whenever someone snaps my picture, I automatically strike a pose, doing my best to compose my features and limbs into something that doesn’t look awkward or silly. I guess I could just stand there, arms at my side, staring expressionlessly into the lens.

Then an AI engine could take my…

Lance Ulanoff

Tech expert, journalist, social media commentator, amateur cartoonist and robotics fan.

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