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A couple months ago a friend told me about The Show About The Show. It’s a TV show out of Brooklyn, New York produced by BRIC TV and written and directed by Caveh Zahedi. Each episode of the show is about the making of the previous episode. So the first episode reenacts Caveh pitching ideas for a new TV show to a producer at BRIC TV, the second episode tells the story of making the first episode of The Show About The Show, the third episode recreates events that happened during the making of the second episode and so on.

Caveh does a great job in the first couple of episodes setting up the rules of the show. Some people involved in the show don’t want to play themselves in the show, so in the first two episodes we see a reenactment of the casting process as Caveh builds his cast. With every episode new complications arise; actors ask Caveh to pay for some cocaine, he gets in trouble with his supervisors at work, and telling his true feelings to the camera creates tension with his personal relationships.

The Show About The Show is very engaging and the creative non-fiction/documentarian style is similar in some ways to the films of Iranian filmmakers, Abbas Kiarostami and Jafar Panahi. Caveh does an excellent job of bringing this kind of docufiction to the small screen. There is something fascinating about hearing someone retell a story and seeing some of the scenes acted out after the fact.

I think this is a genre that more filmmakers should explore. If you were to call vlogging a kind of video diary, docufiction is more like a memoir. Vlogging is immediate and outside of what the vlogger decides to reveal and how they cut the footage is somewhat objective. Caveh’s The Show About The Show is very subjective and sometimes those involved in the show don’t remember things the same way as Caveh.

Everyone has a story to tell, and exploring docufiction, filmmakers could bring those stories to life.

I had the opportunity to interview Caveh Zahedi about the show and I will be sharing that interview next week.

In the meantime, please check out the first episode of The Show About The Show:

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Next week I will be posting my interview with Caveh Zahedi come back and check it out!

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