Be Prepared

One thing about idea creation is that you never know when you will be inspired to write something. I usually keep a writing journal with me at all times. This can be a small spiral notebook, a moleskin notebook, or anything that you prefer to use for notes. Sometimes I will use the notes app in my smartphone or Evernote. Sometimes I will keep my writing journal by my bedside as well.

Whenever an idea or observation comes along, I will write a few sentences about it or key words about the idea. Sometimes I might even make a sketch. Anything that will sufficiently capture the idea for when I look at my notes later. I have gone through a stack of moleskin notebooks in the past four years.

In the past year, I’ve been using the bullet journal technique to keep better track of what I write in my notebooks. The first few pages in the note book are dedicated to an index with every even page numbered. Any time I write something new in the journal, I add a few words to the index. This has been especially helpful when I’ve developed an idea or a script over a couple of weeks. For more information on bullet journal, I recommend checking out (website). I just use a regular notebook and add the page numbers to it.

You never know when inspiration will come, so it is best to always be prepared to catch the ideas when they come.

What your prefered way to write? Do you work on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or do you write longhand?

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