Everyone says they want to be an artist

A couple months ago, I went out to see a couple bands. They were playing in the back room of a shitty bar that became hip after Wicker Park became a Frat neighborhood and too expensive for cool people in Chicago to hang out. The back room smelled like lysol and ass.

There were a couple of acts that were pretty out there. I found out later that the worst act of the night had at one point received a glowing review in the Village Voice. It shows what some critics know. He was the worst.

But there was one guy and it was just him and his guitar. And he was really good. His guitar was a little off tune for his first song (he seemed to want it that way) but there was something about the performance that was good.

And it struck me that there are a lot of people who are very talented in the world. And because the means of creative expression are more accessible, a lot more people are able to get there work to the public.

This also means there is more competition for ever shrinking slivers of attention.

You cannot control who watches your film or decide how many people will watch your film.

You can’t make people read your stories.

You can’t wave a wand and make people watch your comedy improv review.

The one thing you can control is how much time you put into your chosen craft. How much time you put into writing instead of watching TV. How many days you get on a film set. You can control how much time you put in. There are a lot of people who never get started. There are people who make one film and give up filmmaking. If you want to make something happen, you have to put in the time and you have to commit to the long haul. Every year there is a new distribution platform pushing out content, there are dozens of TV show pilots, and hundreds of new movies released. Thousands of short films are finished, submitted to festivals, and released. You need the audacity to believe in your voice as a filmmaker and the endurance of a marathon runner.

Everyone is talented, show the world why you are.

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