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When you are making films for little to no budget, you need to do everything you can to give everyone on set a positive experience. We do everything we can to make sure the cast and crew on our film projects don’t have to cover any costs for being part of our films. If a cast member or crew person needs parking, we pay for parking. If we are filming for more than four ours we pay for a meal break.

When cast and crew arrive on set, I always make sure that there are snack bars or fruit and water bottles on hand. You never know when someone is going to come straight to set without breakfast. You also want to have snacks in case anyone gets hungry mid-morning or mid day. You want everyone thinking about making your film and not about their bellies.

If you can, offer coffee for your cast and crew. It’s pretty easy to stop off at Dunkin’ Doughnuts for a box of coffee.

After filming for four hours we have a meal break. If you can find a restaurant that delivers, that is usually the best route unless you have a crew person who takes care of food for your shoot days. We never get high end lunches and we usually have pretty small casts and crews so that helps keep meal costs low.

If you have crew that can make a meal on set, chili is a pretty easy option and it’s probably one of the cheaper options to feed a lot of people. One time I made sandwiches for a cast and crew of twenty. The food cost was around $300 and it took around a half hour to prepare everything.

Price your food options out before you shoot. With lights, sound, makeup, locations, cast, crew, storyboards, schedules, and everything else you need to get ready for a film I think that food is one of those things we don’t think enough about. Food can cause your budget to get bloated and if you don’t have good meal options for everyone involved it can hurt morale on set and kill your film.

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