Porn Makes Men Terrible in Bed
Emma Lindsay

I find the attitude expressed in this article: “It’s all men’s fault” is revealing about why sex with women is so one sided. The article continues to say that men are doing it wrong but does little say what they should do. It’s so easy, and I would say typical of women authors, to tell us all the things we men are doing wrong but give us no clue about what they want us to do. For a man it’s like some sort of weird Easter Egg Hunt trying to find out what turns this particular woman on as opposed to what turned the last woman on. In my experience it can be 180°. All this while his partner is lying there waiting for him to do something to her that will satisfy her. The pressure is incredible. Is it any wonder why some men just say screw it and just get it over with. How about an article telling women that they need to get off their backs and do something that both turns them on and turns on their partner. How about an article that does not concentrate on whining about how bad men are at sex but encourages women to take an active roll. Maybe even consider giving a little direction to their partner about what feels good and what doesn’t. Want this article demonstrates is that American women are terrible at sex, have no idea how to be sexy, are in fact deathly afraid of acting sexy, and soon after getting a man locked in by having sex with him completely loss interest in him because sex is so dirty and disgusting. If you think I am a little mad about the state of the average America sex life you would be right.

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