The Show Needs to End. It’s Time To Govern.
Senator Michael Bennet

I think you misunderstand. The objective is not to govern but to effectively destroy government so that the Koch Brothers, DeVos, Murdoch, and Mercer can take over and run a country in their imagine. I believe it is called a Corptrocracy. If this is not obvious to you, you need to take a look at Bannon’s past positions. He has said out right that his goal is to destroy government. Why else would Trump make up a cabinet of people who hate the departments they are heading. This, of course, is also an objective of Russia, who would like nothing better that see our government be marginalized so they are helping. If you do not start getting your act together you will find the country in turmoil, the congress irrelevant (even more than it is) and our way of life changed for ever. Please just do a little research. Three things you can do is; make Super PAC’s illegal, enact term limits, and government solely funding of campaigns . We arrived in this mess when republicans, with Scalia’s help, paved the way for this take over by allowing unlimited funding of campaigns by individuals. Secondly, the drive to limit voter turnout allowed a small section of the population to control the government. I know it seemed like a good idea but it is not Democracy or a Republic. You have forgotten that you are first Americans and second Republicans and Democrats. Now is the time to quit farting around with your high ideals of less government or more government which never worked anyway and save this country from the mess you got us into. Change the system and save us and yourself.