How the internet replaced my paper-route

Today is my 18th birthday, seeing where I am in life, I thought it would be fun to go back to where it all started. My generation is the first to really grow up in the “Internet Era”, and I am a good example of why it was so great. When I was 12, my dad had recently gotten a job at an internet content company. I was really interested in what he was doing so I thought, hey why don’t I just make myself a site. After spending hours after hours on Blogger (I didn’t know any better back then), I thought what I thought was a pretty good site. I threw up some content, and sat back wondering who would visit my blog. The results were disappointing. I think I got 5 pageviews the first day. This was where the learning started. I did a ton of research and figured out these things called “Keywords” that help with a thing called “SEO”. I also chose a niche for my blog to be based upon. Technology and Teenagers. I started getting more traffic with the next couple articles and that was the magic that started my love for the internet. One day I clicked on a tab in blogger called “Adsense”. I made an account using my mother’s social security number (I was 12) and didn’t think about it much more. I came back the next day and looked at my Adsense tab, I had made 5 dollars! (This was a lot to me as a 12 year old) I couldn’t believe it, over the next few months my audience grew, and so did my earnings. I was obsessed with it. Making money for not working? This was crazy to me and I couldn’t get enough of it. Over the next few years I did everything I could to promote my blog. I domain mapped it, I looked up everything you could do SEO wise and started learning HTML just so I could direct edit my site.

This is my first website, it remains untouched as a relic to my past.

Refining my methods

Fast forward 4 years. Making money on the internet has turned into a drug for me and I’ve found better ways to do it. I had completly left the CPM and CPC space learning that the rates were getting too low to make any real money. I switched all my sites completly over to affilate deals. I started throwing up sites like they were nothing (at one point I was making 5 sites a day)

This is an example of one of the websites I would throw up in about 15 minutes.

What were these sites for? Clickbank. Clickbank is a giant store that only sells virtual things, so theres no need for shipping or other hassles. They have a deal where if someone clicks on your ad for their product, you get 20%. So if you lead someone to a 100 dollar products, you’re making 20 dollars. I was making sites for all kind of products from weight loss e-books to accounting software. All this time my experience making sites and promoting them was adding up, and I was becoming an expert. These days were good, but I started feeling bad for selling people complete crap, so I wanted to move on to something better. I found Youtube.

I made it

Youtube was fantastic for me, I loved creating videos, and getting paid was just a bonus. No, I’m not one of those famous Youtuber’s, I’m a much more suttle kind. I’m the one who posts that funny commercial you saw super bowl weekend, or they lyric video to your daughter’s favorite song. Surprisingly, these are the videos that get the most views(cumulatively). I have a lot of channels doing this and I make quite a bit of money from it.

What about all those years of websites and promotion? I got hired last year by a Design firm called HQ(BuiltbyHQ.Com). I’m also currently an SEO consultant for Allmoxy.Com putting all that E-book marketing experience to work. Although I just graduated high school, I have 2 jobs that a lot of people with a Bachelor's degree would kill for. Another amazing thing about knowing the internet as well as I do is, even if I got laid off tomorrow, I will always have a way to make money, because of the internet.

My original blog: TopTechNow.Com

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