Family Resemblance

When I see pictures of my niece’s son, of course I see her and her husband in him. However, I also see a bit of my own cousin. Perhaps that is where this lovely lady got those traits, from her mother’s cousin.

Isn’t it amazing how our children often also look like an aunt or an uncle or cousin or grandparent? Each one is their own individual self; yet each one also looks like another person in the family tree.

We have long noticed this with several family members. The most striking example for me is an aunt on my mother’s side of the family. Several of us have favored her during our childhoods. Looking at family photographs it is easy to think that they are all of the same person. However, the most surprising example was found in my dad’s family in Texas. One of his cousins looks and acts so much like my nephew! I do not remember the man’s name; but I do remember that I felt like I was looking at a clone, but with dark hair.

This is one of many reasons why I think it’s important for us to know our relations, if only superficially. It shows the tapestry of the family that God has chosen to weave. We see so clearly that truly we are connected to one another.