Boudin Cook-off in Lafayette, LA

Our family loves going to the local festivals that are in the Cajun Country area, and last year we went to the Boudin Cook-off in Downtown Lafayette.

I have to start by saying that even though I’m from Louisiana, I really don’t like boudin all that much (according to my genealogy I’m not really cajun, so there’s that).

You might be wondering what boudin is. Boudin is basically a synthetic casing with rice, meat, spices, and other things shoved into it.

Back in the day, they used to use pig intestines as the casing. Yum Yum! I’m an adventurous eater, so I’m willing to taste a few of the different kinds of boudin. One of my favorites is a chipotle boudin (which most cajun people would say that that is not real boudin, but I’m not cajun, so it doesn’t matter!)

Me trying King Cake Boudin

At the boudin cook-off, there are a ton of vendors lined up in the park and you buy tickets to be able to transact for samples of boudin. Everyone votes and a winner is picked.

There are also a lot of other fun things to do, such as:

  • jump on fun jumps
  • watch the boudin eating competition
  • listen and dance to cajun music
  • boudin themed games for kids
  • get your face painted
  • talk with all of the locals
  • and, of course, eat plenty of boudin
Jacques coming down the fun jump slide.

One of the more interesting “flavors” or types of boudin that we ate at the festival was Chocolate Boudin. I have to try the weird flavors, and my wife’s face when she tasted is was hilarious! Make sure to watch the video above!

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