Family Camping & Family Hiking in Louisiana

My wife and I have always loved to travel. Now that our kids are older, we have decided to take our kids on a family camping trip. This is the first time that we have taken our kids overnight camping in a tent. Our son, Jacques, is 3; our daughter, Amelia, is 5. This should be interesting.

After scouring the internet to figure out what kind of supplies that my wife and I needed to make this trip happen, we set off to Chicot State Park near Ville Platte, LA.

We got to Chicot state park and started setting up, and right as we got the tent up, it started raining on us.

Trails at Chicot State Park

We went on a hike at the Louisiana State Arboretum because the kids can earn a Junior Ranger badge if they completed three activities and a workbook.

We took a guided hike through some of the trails in the arboretum. It was really beautiful there and the park rangers really knew their stuff.

After the hike, Amelia found a caterpillar near the entrance and she took it to a park ranger and asked what kind of butterfly it would turn into, and the ranger told her that it would actually turn into a moth.

We also cooked over a campfire and roasted some delicious marshmallows that the kids made a mess with!

My wife tested our her cooking skills by making some pancakes on a cast iron skillet over the BBQ pit. They came out really good. I’m impressed by how well she was prepared to cook at the campsite for the first time.

This this was our first time camping in a tent with kids, we didn’t stay for a second day because it was getting really cold, and one flaw that we had was pitching our tent on an uneven area, so we packed up and headed home.

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Here are some some of the supplies that we purchased for this camping trip:

Have fun camping!