Family Road Trip — Camp Salmen Nature Park

Our family loves to take road trip, especially now that our kids are not really toddlers any more. They are 3 & 5.

We decided to take a trip from Lafayette, LA to Jacksonville, FL so that they could see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, and experience a real ocean beach.

Our first stop on our trip was to find a place to eat lunch. We usually carry an small ice chest with sandwich stuff in it, but this time we decided to stop in at Sam’s Club, since we needed some gas, and we got hot dogs and pizza. I know, I know, it’s not the healthiest thing, but it was delicious!

After getting lunch materials, we searched for a nearby park. We came across a park called Camp Salmen Nature Park. My wife nor I have never heard of this before, so we decided to go exploring.

After Google Maps took us to the wrong entrance, we drove in and found the pavilion, which is where we ate lunch. After lunch, we let our kids run around on the playground to burn some energy.

We started looking out toward the distance in the park, and we noticed some things, so we went for a walk. Come to find out, this park has not only a pavilion and playground, but a historic building (which was an old trading post), a nice pond, lots of grassy area and trees to climb on, and many hiking trails.

We did not get to go on the hiking trails, but I guess that means that we will just have to make another trip out there because we love to do some hiking as a family.

If you want to see what this place looks like, here is a video that I put together of the few hours that we spend at Camp Salmen.

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