Family Road Trip Through Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma & Arkansas — Alexandria, LA

First Stop — Alexandria, LA … Do you love to take road trips with your family, or do you want to take road trip with your family, but don’t know how to survive them?

One of the lessons that we have learned as parents who love to road trip with our kids is to stop often. Our family usually drive about 3–4 hours and find a playground or rest area to stop at to let our kids, Amelia & Jacques, burn some energy.

On the first day of our road trip, we stopped at City Park in Alexandria, LA (about 2 1/2 hours from our starting destination) to stop and eat lunch together, and let the kids play on the playground … Of course I, dad, had to get some playtime in too with them!

We usually stop for about 1 hour when we do stop and that seems to be enough before we need to hit the road again.


For our lunch, we ALWAYS carry a small ice chest with us that my wife packs so that we can bring sandwiches and veggies with us so that we don’t have to waste time stopping to get something, and it let’s us go straight to a park to eat.

Some of the foods that we bring in the ice chest are:

  • sandwiches
  • grapes
  • peppers
  • applesauce
  • and other things that you might pack into a kids lunchbox.

We only drink water, so we always have our water bottles with us. We really love these Contigo water bottles. They have a lifetime warranty (which I’ve used before) and they make an adult version and a kid’s version.

What are some food items and snacks that you pack with you when you go on road trips?

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