Tabasco Factory Tour on Avery Island

Our family loves to explore our home state of Louisiana, and in the heart of Cajun Country is an island near New Iberia, LA where the world famous Tabasco sauce factory is located.

I love to teach my kids about how businesses work, so this was a great opportunity to have one of those teaching moments.

Avery Island is also the place where I proposed to Krista. There’s a stone bridge that crosses over a small stream in an area surrounded by bamboo, and we really love this place.

In the picture below is a Buddha temple that is overlooking the area. It’s really peaceful there. I’m standing on the bridge to take the picture.

This area is called Jungle Gardens and it’s a self-guided car tour that is great to see some of the wildlife on Louisiana including egrets, alligators, turtles, and so much more.

If you are ever in the New Iberia area, you would definitely bring a picnic and make a day here touring the Tabasco factory and viewing the Jungle Gardens.

I’ll leave you with two more videos below. The first is our kids, Jacques & Amelia, trying Tabasco sauce for the first time, and the second is my wife and I’s marriage proposal from 2005.

Kids trying Hot Sauce
Krista and I’s Marriage Proposal

I LOVE this woman!

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