This Bathroom is So Clean it has its own #Hashtag

Our family is on a road trip, and my wife’s aunt and uncle said that we have to stop at the Busy Bee truck stop in Live Oak, FL before we finish our drive to Jacksonville, FL. We stopped there, and, WOW!

We pulled into the Busy Bee and after tanking up on gas, we went inside. This place is HUGE! There is so much to choose from. My wife and kids ended up with some candy for the road. There was so much here, we didn’t know what to look at next!

After getting candy, we had to check out the bathrooms. Apparently they are the cleanest bathroom around and some reviews have claimed that they are equivalent to a 5 star hotel bathroom. My son and I walk in, and these bathrooms are impeccable. They are so clean, that they have a hashtag for social media to share photos. Isn’t it a little taboo to take a picture in a public bathroom?

After using the bathroom, we stopped at the front counter and paid for our candy… and the homemade fudge (did I mention that?)… and the homemade jerky (did I mention that too?) We definitely broke our travel budget after we left here.

Here is a little video I put together of our family’s experience at the Busy Bee so that you can get a better idea of what to expect there.

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