We Made It To Florida — Family Road Trip — Florida Welcome Center

We finally made it to Florida on our family road trip. We are traveling from south central Louisiana to the Atlantic Ocean. When traveling with two kids, you need to stop to rest and let the kids use some energy. We decided to check out the Florida Welcome Center in Pensacola, FL.

We have never stopped at a Welcome Center before, and I must say that I was impressed with all of the things to do there and all of the statues and photo opportunities they had available.

Here is a list of everything that we did in the Florida Welcome Center:

  • Picture with Airplane
  • Picture with #Myrtletheturtle
  • Kids played with toys in the play area
  • Picture with Astronaut statue
  • Drank free orange juice or grapefruit juice
  • Got information about Florida
  • Pictures at a Photo Booth with Florida themes
  • Got ice cream from an ice cream vending machine

Here is a little video that I put together so that you can get a better idea of what the Florida Welcome Center is like.

LaneVids video of the Welcome Center in Florida

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