Love : Or, A Dream

I don’t want to learn to love and accept the world we have. I don’t want to change things. That seems too small. I want to dream up a new world, entirely new, entirely different, and summon it into being. I want it to be apocalyptic, sheets of wild color and untamed sound washing away every last bit of what once was here to replace it with something new, like a new big bang. It seems silly and a waste of time to dream smaller than that.

It makes me feel good to see people working toward that. It’s less about being comfortable or being content and more about… well, it’s half work and half dreaming. You can’t just dream your whole life away, because then you do nothing for the making real of the dream, but you also can’t just work, because if you don’t nurture the dream it dies in the light of the waking day. You have to half-sleepwalk, work with hypnagogic hands, so you can always remember how the dream song goes, those melodies that slip out and away in the wee minutes-like-hours of waking. You have to keep it inside of you. You have to nurture that fire. And then you have to put it to use.

The world deserves better art. It deserves better justice. It deserves better religions, and better gods, and better believers. It deserves a lot of better things. We all do. And we can be better. You have to believe that, really. It can be done.

That’s the biggest thing: It can be done. The first block we set before ourselves is that of possibility. We dreamed up this world, so we can dream up another. It’s not the Star Trek liberal utopian ideal of fixing all of the world problems through work and dream. It’s about transforming the world. That’s the whole point of art and faith. That’s the connection line between the Muses and the Gods. It’s not meant to restore; it’s an apocalypse, a cataclysmic unveiling that utterly and permanently transforms the whole of the world.

It is also a process that must be fed. It can’t be a one-time transformation. You have to commit yourself to a path, not just a destination.

I want braver fiction. I want braver, wilder, dreamier art: from dream toward dream, from spirit toward spirit, from old gods toward new gods, from flesh to beyond flesh. I want you to send them to me.

I’m going to start knitting something together. With or without help.