Interaction Design is dead. What now?
Ralph Ammer

A very interesting and thought-provoking piece on the end of interaction.

This provokes on many different levels as a designer (career and skills foundation using art, symbols and psychological factors that communicate), as a marketer (utilizing my skills as a designer in a capital/business driven world) and, finally, as a business thinker itself (understanding how design projects are all sold me ultimately funded as well as the real material economy all humans live under.)

Like the businesses before it that depended on interaction, this natural design concept will have to work hand-in-hand with the generating forces of a new economy that enables we, as humans, to create services that enable us to further experience more of what it is to be human. That feels like a tall order, only to be taken on by those of us who can vote for the practical real nature of providing for one’s self.

But, I can’t shake the feeling that what the author has suggested is very right and very much needed in our world today. Publications like the financial times, Harvard business review and even general publications like time and Newsweek all have predicted the changing nature of work as automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are reducing the need of workers. When considering this is yet to play out, that era, rooted in the interaction design world, makes this new horizon of natural design even more important.

I wonder if those who've made billions with interaction design see it like Elon Musk or like the global oil industry?