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I mean really???

Come on-Girlfriend….who you kidding???

Aint it just…….blah.. blah…

What do you get when you fall in love?

You tricked me once -you almost tricked me twice

And now you are just somebody that I used to know…..

Come on LDL you know it is has everything to do with it?

REAL love that is-the

I love to love you love and

Hopelessly devoted to you type love

and of course the Neva gonna let you down…neva gonna make you cry…loving love

The fake love, the hurtful love, the ditched love….what you refer 2 as being okay…to open doors …to broken…nope….

Love is being okay to be OPEN


indeed !

for sure !

that’s right !

OPEN with the doors to your heart and soul, and an array of colours and a multitude of anything you will allow yourself to open….

love is being okay to open the door to broken hearts and broken dreams’

“I cant go for that”

Love is risking it all and facing the fear aha -
it is the beating of the heart,
Love is a process which develops and changes over time…it is loving and caring, going the distance, rising up and dancing in the moonlight, a commitment
my friend’s mum claimedLOVE IS THE MEANING OF LIFE.’

Tony Gaskins-”Love doesn’t hurt you-A person who doesn’t know how to love hurts you.(Don’t get it twisted)”

SO wots luv gotto do with it really?

I mean really?

Just ask Romeo and Juliette