‘If we could just consume more, we’d be better off,’ said no one ever.
Michael Marinaccio

Who likes chocolate? Who practices mindfulness? Who is able to recognise the “paths that we each walk willingly and unwillingly? Who is wanting to rise up to a higher consciousness?

Consumerism is not only played out in “technology”.Just walk down the supermarket isle of eg-the cereal section.Whoaaa consume those choices-hard huh! Our grandparents would be overwhelmingly in awe or underwhelmingly disgusted in the amount of abundance of supply and choices we need to continually juggle.

I’m so glad about the recent new regulation means taxi’s in Melbourne are on par with UBERs. Guess what now we can ring taxis and pay them cash or download the app and order and pay So exciting.Talk about being stranded before…literally.UBER eats are gonna be sorry too soon-coz its only a matter of time till access for all for delivery of food will not be reliant on smart phones and internet.

Michael you coined it.My thoughts precisely… the focus point of no computer no smart phone, no job opportunities,no chance,no GO..marginalised…BIG TIME...

“Throw me to the sharks” I had no smart phone,no computer for over a month,frustration levels rose,regulating my emotional state of “just that”

NO ACCESS TO JOB ADS+NO APPLICATIONS+-NO-RESUME CIRCULATION +NO EMAILS=NO MONEY =no food=kids starve=bills unpaid=capacity goes flat.

Sure one option one go to the library or the job agency or a friends.


HELLO ALL WE WILL BE ALL RIGHT.Information at our service-is a great thing.IMPRESSIVELY progressively WE HUMANS ARE.

Bearing in mind addiction to anything makes for uneveness and an out off balance disposition which may create, hazardous,inharmonious states of…….which in turn have a chance to become ingrained,stuck,patterned of behaviours,leading us away from what we are gifted to do in our life…. which possibly could lead to that’s right-obsessive,indulgence of consumersim gluttony.And maybe even more of the 7 deadly sins..Our choice.“What’s that,you finished the whole packet of TIM TAMS,and you feel sick..”


Love it,live it.

Authentically Yours

Technology rocks.

Nature ROCKS more.

Computers are helpful.

Although I am in AWE

of waterfalls.

Smart phones are okay except battery goes flat way too fast.

And anyway I much prefer to talk as we take a stroll around the park.

Oatmeal please and yes to robots thanks.

If it means all mundane house jobs done and cuts me some slack

I hear some amazing minds have worked out how the TITANIC sank

And a new boat ready soon

If you like I will sail with you on the ride in the boat called

Called moving with the times

I’m still so happy though that I can pay cash for the taxi ride.

A Letter to YOU

Wishful for you.BE centred in all.

Be aware to give attention and focus on even distribution in all areas of the amazing adventures that life has to offer.

And what you too can give to life.

Excuse me have to zoom on my skettle-a skateboard fuelled by hot water from the kettle.

I’m away for a few days I’m going on a hike.

Will miss my two best friends who are away riding around on their their bikes.

Then I be off now pardon-NO THANKS-no cows milk for me-I’d rather drink rice milk- I’m a VEGAN now.

Will you please put down that pad and top doing that sudoka puzzle for now.

Your knitting needs finishing.

Love Love.Live it.

Technology will not be our downfall

Authentically Yours . 29/9/17