Wildlife Protection

A lot of people sit and wonder about what we can do to help wildlife and nature. Well, there is so much that we can do as an individual, and as a community. Lets all just take a second to think about how much nature is really a part of our everyday life, and how important it is. Here are a few tips to what you can do to help out our environment:

  1. Go out with your family with some garbage bags and gloves and help out out community by picking up some garbage at our community parks.
  2. For those of you that litter, hold on to your garbage until you see a garbage can.
  3. A lot of people use garden chemicals to grow the grass on their lawns, or use it in their gardens, instead use a natural product that has no chemicals.

We can all make a change to not only our own living but the world! Nature is a beautiful thing and we can all help. We can also affect the change of endangered species by trying not to use harmful chemicals.

Also, try not to use a lot of plastic items because all of that plastic that we use in our everyday lives is affecting the ocean. It is causing the endangerment of dolphins, and all the other living things in the ocean and in the water!

Another thing is global warming, which is causing polar bears and things in the Arctic to become extinct. One of the reasons global warming happens is because of us. If you have a car, how about walking sometimes, or carpooling with your friends or family? These are a few things that we can to do help!

We can all make a change, so how about starting TODAY!

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