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The excitement is palpable for sure! This must feel like returning home, it must be terrifying, daunting and electrifying all at once. Best of luck!

There are plenty of problems for Twitter, I’m sure everyone’s familiar with them. There’s a real problem with the moderation of content, the abuse people have to deal with and, perhaps most interesting to me, the potentially fatal problem of monetizing the platform.

Twitter is awash with users using the anonymity provided by Twitter to essentially circumvent native harassment laws. For every stalker charged in the UK, I would bet that 100’s get away with their crimes. I’m not arguing that the problem is exclusively for Twitter so solve, but there must be greater cooperation from Twitters’ side in dealing with these problems and facilitating the work of law enforcement officials.

Twitter is growing as an ad serving platform but there’s always a risk of people getting frustrated with the bombardment of targeted content and simply moving away from the platform. Twitter needs to commit to a long term strategy to generate profit and I fear that Twitter has gotten too big too fast to make entirely pivoting the business model just impossible.

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