A Road Trip — Jordan

On a Friday morning, my family and I packed our bags and hit the road. Our drive started from Amman heading to the North. We were planning to visit the archeological city of Jerash but it was too hot, so there was a change in plans. It wasn’t even planned to be a road trip. Anyway, when we arrived Jerash and found it so hot we started thinking “ what is the nearest place that would have a better weather?” .. Debbin!

Debbin is a natural forest reserve, it’s a bit higher than the main city of Jerash, as you would notice in my video below; the roads were going up. So, we had lunch in Debbin forest, our lunch was already with us, homemade grilled chicken. The weather there was really awesome, and it was so quite and calm, you can hear nothing but bird’s cute whistles and tweets.

The landscape of the mountains feels like they are calling you to discover them. So we couldn’t resist but keep going higher, until we chose the highest mountain and drove there. And guess what we’ve found there!

Deers Reserve! We knew before that there was a deer reserve somewhere around Jerash, but we didn’t expect to find it so easily and by coincidence!
I had a horse ride there, the horses keepers are so friendly and funny. My family had too many rides on the horses, that the horses keepers rejected to get payed for it and said “It’s on us”, because they had fun with us too!

At 4pm, we drove to Dead Sea; the lowest point on Earth. The road went down from the mountains of Debbin to Ajloun, from Ajloun to the Jordanian valley, straight to the Dead Sea. Using google maps, it wasn’t too hard. We reached a road that was newly built but not paved yet, which was a bit dangerous but when you’re considered the first person to drive in such a beautiful road, it would be totally fun, and the views and landscapes where worth the risk! As they say “When you come to a fork in the road .. take it”.

We crossed by villages where you see chicken, cows, sheeps, and natural springs on the edges of the road, we crossed vallys where the road is surrounded by green rocky mountains, we crossed narrow roads on the edges of the curvy mountains. The best thing about that, was that the road was empty there are no cars, no smoke, no hustle and bustle, it really felt like escaping the city and your life!
Too bad I didn’t capture everything, I was so fascinated and focused in the views, Lol.

After two and a half hours we arrived Dead Sea, it was sunset. The main road normally takes less time but the road we took it was a bit longer, also we were driving slowly to get to see everything and admire the gorgeous views.

We had a walk on the beach, shisha, and set for a while. It was independence day, so we thought it would be too crowded there, but it wasn’t. The crowd was in the capital Amman because of the many festivals and events there, but the beach was so calm and so relieving after such a long drive. We watched sunset, and the colors of nature changing. When we arrived it was full of flame colorants (red orange and yellow), but later it changed to cool colors (purple blue and dark blue).

We drove back to Amman which was crowded with happiness and full of celebrations for Jordan’s 70th independence day. Wherever I looked I saw people dancing, fireworks, Jordanian flags, decorations.

The city’s night was lighten with locals happiness

Watch my video of this trip: