The next Sydney 24–7 Street Kitchen Safe Space

  • Will be in Sydney City
  • Will be within 10 minutes walk of a City Circle Station
  • Will offer all of the aspecrs of the Tent City model.
  • Will have capacity to sleep 100 people or more in a communal sleeping area.
  • Will have kitchen showers and toilets.
  • Will incorporate site based and off site resourcing actuvities.
  • Will need a car licence pantech and van as support vehicles.
  • Most likely will need some fitout work.
  • The space we need can be a building, warehouse, offices; restaurant or other space. We need a minimum of 250 square metres internal with goods access or parkimg.
  • The new site may be government, council or privately owned.
  • We may possibly crowd source startup costs.

Help more than welcome. Email

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