Why I’m standing with #Justice4Elijah against the Mainstream media

Today I’m offering my condolences and support to the family and friends of Elijah Doughty, a young life so needlessly taken, there is a necessity to lambast the mainstream media for its racist and socially biased reporting of the unfolding events with this tragic death forced by the intentional hand of an adult upon the aboriginal people of Kalgoorlie, becoming a byline for the media’s screaming headlining of riots with police car and court house windows smashed.

I’m also putting my solidarity squarely behind the grassroots indigenous people of this land and throughout the world in their generational Long March for justice peace and respect of existence. Not once have I seen a mainstream media journalist ask “ If a black adult ran over a white child with intent and a black cop charged him with manslaughter what would the mainstream media say? I put it to you that the headlines would be screaming demands of murder charges. Yet Elijah Doughty’s death and the manslaughter charges preferred by police were met with a whithering media silence with the outrage of the community vilified by mainstream media. Yet as events unfolded it was precisely this expression of justified outrage by the local aboriginal community that prodded the Kalgoorlie plodders to belatedly consider upgrading the charges to murder. Which the charge would have been if the killer was black.

So today we are at Channel 7 one of the mainstream media outlets which regurgitated this travesty. It is perhaps no accident that Channel 7’s Sunrise led the media pack in this assault on aboriginal dignity. Channel 7 is part of a business owned by West Australian tycoon Kerry Stokes that includes Westrac. Westrac’s main business is the supply of heavy equipment to the mining sector which wreaks wanton destruction on aboriginal lands with the scraps falling off the table going not to the aboriginal people as many assume, but to the government and its constituted Corporations which include the word aboriginal in their name but have ultimate responsibility to government. And State and federal governments masquerading as benevolent while enacting the physical psychological and cultural brutalisation of aboriginal people on an ongoing mostly unreported basis. It is from this background that every aboriginal family has the right to ask in silent trepidation “ Will we be the next Elijah Doughty family?”.

The attitudes of government business and the media need to change. That change will only come from those in power talking directly to the grassroots community rather than consulting the internediaries who speak through their layers of self interest.

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