I really wish it was true.

Impotence is a vulgar word. It’s mean spirited, violent, and inappropriate. It reeks of sexism. And yet, I can’t find a polite word to describe the post-referendum opposition. The last 9 months shown it’s uselessness and it’s necessity. The last 9 months also shown the passion of people who want nothing but what’s best for their country. They donate their time and money to a big (disorganized) group of campaigns. They re-established parliamentary sovereignty, sustained and expanded a fledgling newspaper, and made themselves noticed (if hated). And yet, Pro Europeans have not managed to shift views or win battles, That’s not their fault.

You can only crowd-fund until you run out of spare dimes, you only have your weekends to march, you can only assemble if your boss gives you time. Most passionate remainers are educated, middle class urbanites. They have jobs, classes, families, and commitments. They can only do so much. What has their money gone to? 2 groups, a paper, and some promising legal cases, and a march. To help the opposition. How did M.Ps repay them? They failed to attach crucial amendments, failed to convince moderate Tories to dissent, failed to preserve the Lords amendments, and then vote against their conscience. The opposition is impotent.

Can you see why?

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