Random Thoughts

Cheeky Bastard.
  1. Tony Blair’s interview with the Daily Mirror has been spun as a comeback. To me, a comeback would entail a commons seat or a political base. His return comprises neither, as his base is out of parliament and in the third sector. Perhaps he’s trying to fashion his institute as a New Labour Heritage Foundation, but I doubt he would spend his hard earned cash on it. There’s nothing wrong with this splash, but the article gives very little detail of what he plans to do.
  2. May 1st (Monday) marks the beginning of NYC Ferry. It’s taken 2 years to create and lots of good money. The boats will sell booze and drive from a Pier 11 to the Rockaways (a NYC suburb place). I’m not sure why they had to build a new route when they could have expanded Water Taxi. I like taxis.
  3. I have only eaten at the Four Seasons restaurant 2 times. My first time was with a family friend, Chod Mobus. I was visiting New York trying to find a good apartment. The food was extremely generous but also heavy and potential stomach rancid. The second time I ate there was just before they closed, the food was lighter. Both dining rooms are extremely modernist, reminding you of what the Post WW2 world wanted to inhibit and why they tore down so many relics. Some jaunty entrepreneurs are slated to renovate the concept but also lure younger customers. I don’t think us New Yorkers still don’t understand how authenticity works.