LovelyStory in 300 GoodDays

Without good fathers do not have a good education. Despite all the schools, institutes and hostels. N M Karamzin

Autor: Lapina Margarita, 2010

I know everything before anyone else. That’s what will soon become a father, I learned early pregnancy test. Already burning with curiosity … I’ll tell. The Galaxy far, far away … damn you, is not it. In a certain kingdom, some state … Ugh, not again … When I was a little boy, my rich dad often said … Oops, not again ..

In general, the start in order … We were walking holding hands and our fingers warmed each other … And at this very moment, to me has come to understand that family life — the only party that is worth winning.

In no club to go not like the last time, my dear barely endured the noise and smoke, which did not interfere with the rest of the “swirling” and me. We needed to find a place where you can sit and relax. That seems to be the correct sign “Solar Sail”. We looked at each other: “Why not?”

I was wearing a snow-white shirt, a bright orange tie, knotted elegant knot, malachite cufflinks, dark blue-gray suit with a blue tint, from under which could see the vest daring color orange peels and elegant cream-colored trousers. And yet — in the color of the tie shoes, soft, skin like a cheetah, and comfortable, as if I was their break in a couple of months before putting on for the first time. I looked amazing.

My lady clothed in a dress with a daring neckline. Fabric color Marengo, with a blue tint, dark pumps, charming gold necklace hugging the neck, and earrings mysterious gleam in her sexual ears … She smelled faintly fleur-d’oranzhem and looked better than the day of salary for caramel factory. We looked around the corner, where you can sit quietly, without attracting much attention. I whispered a few words to the waiter, and after the magical manipulation and passes our magician on the table formed a kind of culinary overture “Pronto Mia» from the opera for gourmets. Spill the wine by the glass, he wished us a good appetite, and retired with grace worthy of royals.

My Amazon, meanwhile, varnish ham “Parma” ham home -classical combination with melon. Bunch of lettuce, juicy celery root complementary in balsamic sauce and filling with a variety of mustards only whetted my appetite.

(Continues fiore dell amor)
You ever tried to Noah’s Ark ?!

A delicious blend of avocado pulp, juicy chicken breast, Atlantic squid and king crab. Served in a “boat” of exotic fruit, seasoned with mustard oil. Be sure to taste, very soft and caring for a few minutes will be guests of your tongue and palate.

This was followed by chocolate tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese, pine nuts and white pepper. Served with “Pronto Cora” sauce.

(Continues young daddy)

I am happy to drink a glass of wine from the fun and daring town Beaune, the drink was amazing color and taste as bright. My darling refused to drink wine, sweet wrinkling her nose, and we started to duck for the “Beaujolais”.

French duck breast, roasted on the coals to the degree of readiness “medium”

The waiter gave us her with raspberry sauce and vegetables -sochny peppers, red tomatoes, ripe eggplant. “Vegetables lightly browned on the grill, and the same fiore dell amor» -kazalos the words waiter imbued with golden threads of warm orange and soft shades.

A couple of cups of hot chocolate completed our wonderful gastronomic journey into the world of taste. I did not know what happiness is until he got married. As someone said of the great, never marry a woman with whom one can live. Marry ith Goddess, without which it is impossible to live. My -imenno such like Demeter, Juno, Aurora and Nick spun the finest web of filaments of the world of the divine vision and inspired strokes of their brushes heyday is ephemeral fabric of my soul-Goddess. I reached into my pocket and pulled out ..

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When my favorite opened his hand, I saw a stylish box … my surprise there was no limit. Warm breath and gentle kiss on the inside of the palm of my hand, he put back the little thing, and gently but firmly turned me toward the ladies’ room. “What is it?” — I asked in surprise. “Ticket 300 days of happiness, my dear!” — Replied my maggyman. In the box labeled bebitest proved inkjet pregnancy test, and after a quarter of an hour I was with a beating heart and shining eyes flew out of the ladies’ room to be in the arms of his vantage spouse. Excitement, confusion, happiness, a little fear, and endless love for the universe gave me the most precious -New life filled all my being !!

(Continues med. Specialist)

Becoming very attentive to their feelings, future mom may notice the following signals, the ensuing signs of pregnancy:

-Increased chest

-Lack Of menstruation or lightly colored, spotting

-sensitive Or noticeable breast tenderness


-Supersensitivity To odors

-Country Sensation in the abdomen

Early Bird toxicosis

-Changes Taste preferences

-Perepady mood, lethargy, tearfulness

-Frequent Urination

-Increase Basal temperature and body temperature

In the first weeks of pregnancy it is not evident, and it is good that you can tune in to the pleasant changes in my life, enjoy the knowledge of the future mothers, and support the wife, because his future fatherhood many men perceive differently and get used to the change of its status gradually .

Take a pregnancy as a reality that’s the most important task of the future parents.

Because this is the greatest happiness and wonder, and a very big responsibility

What happens inside your body?

The fruit has a tiny 2–3 mm in size and looks like a small seed. Even a rudimentary heart beating and the blood begins to circulate. There ponytail and the like gills, but soon they will disappear. Formed intracardiac baffles, developing venous and arterial heart department. Soon the yolk replaced liver hematopoiesis and then placental. Develop the pancreas and thyroid gland. Develops fabric from which will develop the spine, formed the beginnings of the respiratory and digestive system.

If you have a concern, do not keep it to yourself, talk to friends or obstetrician.

How are the factors of everyday life and pregnancy?

You wonder if you can play sports, to travel by car or other means of transport, have sex, go to baths and pools. Future moms will greatly help communication such as pregnant women or the more experienced married couples with children. Similar physical and emotional experiences help us to better understand and support each other.

(Continues baby-embrionochek)

I had a dream that when I show up to the light, I will have a guardian angel. It does not matter what his name is. I’ll call his mom.

Mather, I’m here, inside! We have together! I am here very comfortable and nice, you gently hug me from all sides. Mom! How wonderful my mood today … You too? While I can not talk to you, but do not worry, I can get you some help to rebuild your body. I grow very quickly. And very well I feel all the nuances of your emotions. And lots and lots of sleep. And then I’m eating. And then I sleep again. You know, I even dreamed space. And once I dreamed I was swimming in the ocean. And once again I found myself at the top of some mountains, and saw the flowering cherry trees at the bottom. I also want to tell you a compliment: you are so cool pulsiruesh! A clear-Bumke Bumk-Bumk your good heart, my most favorite!

(Continues papa)

This momentous event was not without foam honey brought down !!

We sat sipping this magical drink.
Just sitting and smiling at each other.
It was enough to look into her eyes again to be Adam again breathe the ocean air and see the thicket of the primeval forest, to feel the warmth of the sun on her skin, feeling part of a huge, green and blue, the living world around!
Oh, my dear! How beautiful you are!
1 jun 2010