I’m in Tokyo for the summer. That means a couple of things:

1) My vegetarianism has gone on hiatus.
2) My cooking has somewhat gone on hiatus due to ease of good food everywhere and tiny kitchen.
3) It’s really hot.

That doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about food all the time. On the contrary! Tokyo is one of the best places to experience food and explore some new stuff.

One of the places I have been frequenting is a posh ramen spot called Afuri. They’re known for their yuzu ramen, but they are also one of the few ramen places that has a vegan option. Since I’m not cooking much (unless you count cold tofu with shit tons of bonito flakes), I decided to feature this beautiful bowl, otherwise known as 彩り野菜のヴィーガンらーめん. …


Lara Ortiz-Luis

Currently: MIT Sloan MBA & IDM, Formerly: @mattervc. Talk to me about food, sustainability, design, and/or gudetama.

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