An addendum to this morning’s coffee fiasco

Well, it was along day peeps, and I’m sure you’ve been tormented all throughout wondering if I actually killed anyone. Let me tell you, it was a close one. Someone normally very dear to me, pushed some usually very stable buttons in my coffee deprived psyche, and if it had not been for the wine, you would probably have heard about me on your nightly news.

My coffee, finally! Don’t judge my mug, TrueBlood was the love of my life….

I thank you for your concern, but no need. At long last I finally got my mug o’lovin. It took all day, but it was worth the wait. The best coffee you have is the coffee you made yourself. Like so many other things in life…wait, what??? I’m a married, working mom of 2 toddlers. The best things I ever get to eat or drink or whatever are things that I didn’t have to make myself and definitely that I didn’t have to clean up after. This must be why I’m thrilled to go out to the local- least disgusting -chain restaurant available to eat whatever isn’t going to kill me or give me diarrhea -cha cha cha.

Also, on the opposite side of the coin we have my spoiled husband, who doesn’t like anything that I didn’t cook, and will let perfectly acceptable food go to waste. And actually now has gone to the next level where he won’t even eat if it’s not like, my best of the best. Seriously dude? The fuck you ever cook? I’ll go sit in Panera by MYSELF! Aight?! I blog now, biatch. I’m a writer and shit. I can go sit in Starbucks with my tablet looking all nerdy and pensive, and people will think I’m doing something important cuz I look so into it. And this blog is gonna take off, and then I won’t have time to cook dinner, and you’ll miss my most mediocre (never, I am a really good cook) meals!

Does it seem like I’m still a little twisted? Hmmn…maybe another cup of coffee is in order. Until tomorrow! Keep on la-di-dah-ing, or whatever it is you guys do.

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