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2 min readApr 20, 2017

Customer relationship management is powerful tool in your organizational toolbox. Depending on your structure, policies and procedures, every department in your organization can benefit from implementing a CRM system. Many businesses assume CRM is only for sales and marketing. Here is a quick overview of how Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and HR can all benefit from the implementation of a CRM system.

Human Resources:

CRM technology has a natural crossover into HR, everything from new employee recruitment to managing existing employee files. If your company does not already have an employee relationship management system (ERM) then a CRM is an excellent starting point.


Several CRM platforms offer direct integration with your Accounting and billing process. Rather than receptively entering account information and contact details your CRM and accounting software will communicate with each other and do the data entry for you. By allowing your accounting department to access your CRM they will have a clear picture of where each project is in the billing cycle. Billing more efficiently should directly translate to being paid more efficiently.


The marketing opportunities for CRM are seemingly endless, as highlighted all over our website. Marketing departments rely heavily on various types of in-house CRM systems as well as special 3rd party products for specific functions, like email marketing or SEO. Your marketing department will create the content, its up to the CRM to deliver it to the customer.


Naturally your sales team is going to be the biggest user of a CRM system. It is their responsibility to convert leads into customers and customers into promoters of your brand. There are two primary uses of CRM for sales:

  • Customer contact — knowing details like name address and phone number are obvious, but your CRM will have hundreds of data fields ready and waiting for your team to populate with additional information about your customer.
  • Project management — Your sales team will use the CRM to make notes, send emails, create tasks, and book meeting with your customers.

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