My love for LA

Love for a city that I never stayed in but I go to quite frequently. Santa Monica is my favorite place to be when I’m in Los Angeles, the beach is smooth and of course the pier makes food convenient. You hear that sound? It’s the waves hitting the pier , the fit guys and girls working out on the pullup bars. Los Angeles the city of dreams and broken promises; you can literally feel the competition when you step off the plane. The buzz of Hollywood and hustle and bustle is inspiring to me. Making dreams happen with little is what I feel Los Angeles is, its taking a chance on life and learning how to be versatile. As I look onto the Hollywood hills I think wow how much further in life can I go? A city that inspires me every time I visit, skaters skate with no fear but want to win the day with one more bowl run. This is Los Angeles to me and the way I’m inspired to have no fear and to keep dreaming on. Thanks LA
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