The 5 coolest travel apps that i cant wait to use and why productivity means the most these days

When you are traveling it can be a hassle at times right? i mean coming out of Jfk or Lax can be a drag, being productive on the go is a must while traveling and easy access to travel accommodations are a must. being able to check connecting flights and also find the nearest food spots and hotels could really save you a lot of time and keeps y0u organized on the GO! i have made a list for you all of the 5 most productive travel apps of 2017 and i hope you can find value within all of these savvy apps and have a more productive trip while reaching your next destination.

  1. skiplagged: Skiplagged is one of the best flight apps in the app store and its 100% free to download. skiplagged helps travelers book flights with multiple stops and then deplane before they reach their final destination. flights are usually about 50% off and you can definitely see the world with this app because you never stay in one place to long

2. Hopper: Hopper was ranked the top travel app in 2015 by apple and it still stands strong even in 2017. This app is like a smart google that predicts prices and when the best time to buy airline tickets to your destination of choice; this app has a 95% accuracy and notifies you weeks in advance so you can make the best decisions price wise and get more productivity and savings while traveling the world. you also can book your flight right on the app with no hassle

3. has thousands of hotels and promotions that gives you up to 35% off every time you book on the mobile app. has been around for years and has a lot of leverage in the travel space and they have tons offers when it comes to comfort and convenience; i will leave a link to my affiliate website and you can book directly from my website “the support would be highly appreciated”

4. Agoda: This app is very international friendly but also have a lot of domestic hotel and villa deals. Agoda allows you to book villas and hotels up to 45% off directly from the app and it gives you locations that are off grid as well, i love the way it gives you multiple options and you can also book flights from the app.

5. Grab: Do you only have a few minutes for a meal before you depart? well grab app gives you the best options of great food choices near you and inside the airport. eating before a long flight is very important and could save you money instead of buying on flight mark up food that doesn't fill you up.

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