The fundamentals of storytelling — suspense, irony, truth — is how people care. Care about the story, care about the product, care about you.

Theatre gets it right, and wrong. Sure people who go see Waiting for Godot might be expecting something different than Death of a Salesman or Les Miserables. Yet the concept is the same.

They go to think. To change. To have a glimpse of another world. A better world or worse world than theirs.

If your ‘brand stories’ can make an impact like that, you’ve won.

Immersive theatre takes it one step further. Now there’s real tension. Audiences have no place to sit. They stand. No one tells them where to stand or how to interact. The environment is built for them to explore and make decisions, react, learn, and start again. …

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Tension changes minds.

You need tension to change behavior or spread an idea. A presence and absence. A subtle homage. The song that ends on the off beat.

The ‘what could be’ of possibility.

Tension creates emotion and a need to fill it. It could be purchasing a product, closing the deal, clicking for more, or walking through the door. The reason is possibility.

Spielberg saved the full shot of the great white shark for late in the series. He let you imagine something far scarier than he could’ve made. (It was a mistake he made into magic).

Charlie Brown’s teacher, and other adults you never see. …

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Letter to a friend…

You recently asked me a question I’ve asked 100+ people, ‘What should I do? I just can’t decide’…

And I realized recently that once you ask that question, you’re hiding. You’re hiding from the fear of the unknown. Fear that your decision might not work. Fear that you will make a decision and something will change, for the better or worse.

The thing is, you’ll never ‘figure it out’ if you keep making the same decision.

I made several of the ‘same’ decisions by staying in academia. Sure it gave me the time to figure it out, but I still spent a lot of hours working on something I didn’t believe in at the time. …


Fraser Larock

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