About face

Porter calls it raising the barriers to entry

Internet providers call it ‘saving the net’

Taxi companies call it ‘saving our jobs’

Just call it what it is — defending the status quo, stopping progress, holding us back, customers deserve less.

Defending your market position can be more than raising barriers. It can be adapting to new behavior or markets, or actually delivering more value than what customers pay.

Internet piracy, Uber, AirBnB all cause the same thing. The feeling that incumbent companies aren’t as solid as they thought they were. Their customers not as happy. Their brand not as catchy. As markets change, so should companies.

Poor taxi service is replaced by on-demand cars that arrive on time (Uber/Amazon)

Internet piracy is replaced by legal, high quality content (Netflix/Amazon)

The real test for competitive advantage, for true brand loyalty and audience, is whether a customer is actually happy. Anything less than that isn’t solving a problem, it’s defending an old position.