If you ask most people, they agree something needs to be done on climate change. They’re not sure what, but something should be done and that’s okay.

Even mentioning that I work on sustainability or trees, people say, “wow that’s so great, you’re doing something for the world.”

But they missed something. They missed the fact that it’s their job too. They missed the 35,000 decisions they made that day that could have been different. That could have made a difference.

Just because there’s a ‘sustainability department’ or ‘corporate social responsibility’ person at work doesn’t mean it’s now one person’s job to make a choice. In the great words of E-40, “everybody got choices.” A choice to change behaviour. A choice to use less paper or eat less meat or buy sustainably. A choice to change the world — starting today.

There are hundreds of ways to help mitigate climate change. New technologies, government regulations…the list goes on. But really, it’s about changing you and the choices you make everyday.