Setting goals for 2018

Measuring the success and failure of goals is painful. Hopefully your future-self will thank your present decisions, while your past-self looks on in glory. But that’s rarely the case.

Life happens. You missed the bus. It rained that day. You got sick. There’s a thousand thousand possibilities for why you might have missed that home run. Or why you didn’t get that extra $10K this year.

There’s plenty of ways to make writing goals more effective, and help me stick to them. But really, I’m afraid. OR rather, I have fear. Fear of not completing, not showing up. Failing to get to the end. Even failing to set good enough goals. There’s plenty of things standing in the way of reaching my goals, shipping my projects and (generally) making cool shit happen.

So I decided to start with my values first.

What values do I want in 2018? OR, I want to…

  • Name my assertions
  • Take the time to think critically
  • Develop mental models to solve unique problems
  • Dare to work on projects I truly care about
  • Give fear the back seat
  • Be remarkable → Act accordingly
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