Theatre & Making Products

Fraser Larock
Jun 22, 2018 · 1 min read

The fundamentals of storytelling — suspense, irony, truth — is how people care. Care about the story, care about the product, care about you.

Theatre gets it right, and wrong. Sure people who go see Waiting for Godot might be expecting something different than Death of a Salesman or Les Miserables. Yet the concept is the same.

They go to think. To change. To have a glimpse of another world. A better world or worse world than theirs.

If your ‘brand stories’ can make an impact like that, you’ve won.

Immersive theatre takes it one step further. Now there’s real tension. Audiences have no place to sit. They stand. No one tells them where to stand or how to interact. The environment is built for them to explore and make decisions, react, learn, and start again.

Immersive done right will transport the user beyond their world. Into a story that will change them.

Products and brands have the opportunity to change the world. Stories are the vehicle to deliver their message, their glimpse of the future.

Everything else is just noise.