Who is it for?

Almost as important as what’s it for.

More important than how or when.

‘Who’ is the person you want to reach. ‘Who’ is the person that is willing to show up. To watch your thing, catch your drift, pick up what you’re puttin’ down.

This question inevitably leads you to say who your thing isn’t for. Much harder to do.

It’s not for the guy down the street. It’s not for your brother who doesn’t appreciate the intricacies of your coasters with maps of the world on them. It’s not for your wife’s friends.

If it’s not for them, own that decision. Tell them it’s not for them. Their opinion doesn’t matter. They don’t affect your choices. Don’t ignore them, because they might come back. But they certainly won’t get your idea today. So move on. Find the person who it is for and focus on helping them see.

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