“Paid Leave,” “Charges Dropped”

“Paid leave.” “Charges dropped.” These are phrases you shouldn’t hear following actions that cause even an accidental death.

This isn’t an anti-cop soapbox. This is a simple illustration of the gaping divide of accountability in this country.

A child is left in the custody of a babysitter and drowns in the bathtub while in that babysitter’s custody.

Tell me you won’t hear words like “gross negligence” or “involuntary manslaughter.”

Tell me prosecutors and that child’s family won’t go above and beyond to hold someone accountable for that loss of life.

Tell me the judge won’t throw the book at the accused to set an example.

We lost our collective shit when Casey Anthony walked. Some believing she straight-up murdered that little girl, others believing, regardless of what happened or intent, that she should at least be held accountable for the death of someone she was responsible for.

But, cops?

“Paid leave.”
“Charges dropped.”