RealDonaldTrump, transparency’s only scary if you’ve got something to hide

Hey America, these are the last five tweets to the public from your president, all made in the span of about an hour, in chronological order:

“This Russian connection non-sense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.”

“Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?).Just like Russia”

“Thank you to Eli Lake of The Bloomberg View — ‘The NSA & FBI…should not interfere in our politics…and is’ Very serious situation for USA”

“Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?”

“The real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by ‘intelligence’ like candy. Very un-American!”

Your boy, who once claimed “nobody knows the system better than I do,” who refuses any accountability or transparency as he sits behind the most prestigious desk in the country, in a single hour has blamed our curiosity of his inner workings on:

1. the person he defeated to become president.
2. America’s own National Security Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation. 
3. the previous president.
4. with an additional jab at Pulitzer Prize winning journalists.

No statement about Flynn’s resignation. Not even a lie.

Instead, this Russian thing? Not real. Fake news. Conspired by Hillary, Obama, and the actual FBI and NSA, and brought to you by the opposition party: prize-winning reporters.

I’ll keep with the school analogies because I feel like they’re something we can all relate to.

This is like if I didn’t do my homework and, rather than admit it or even say “The dog ate it,” I said it was stolen by someone who wanted to do it, destroyed by someone who had done homework before, and my parents were wrong for having called you to tell you they’re worried I might not have done my homework.

Except, ya know, replace “school” with “America.”

PS: “The NSA & FBI…should not interfere in our politics…and is Very serious situation for USA”

Funny. This wasn’t the case when someone, and someone’s band of supporters, wanted someone else’s emails investigated.

I believe the chant was “Lock her up!”