Creativity Happens When…

Creativity happens all on its own without our interference.

Now you might suggest; don’t be ridiculous, I need to make conscious effort to make what I make and if I didn’t then nothing would happen.

And you’d be right.

To an extent.

Science, and more specifically, psychology has been trying to define creativity for a very long time. Even before the rise of modern thinking and the scientific method of investigation, thinkers have been wrestling with the question; what is creativity?

In my humble opinion the answer is simple — creativity defines itself.

Creativity happens when the you that you think you are gets out of the way. We cannot not think new and remarkable things into existence. The process is spontaneous.

You and I could be engaged in research or trying to develop a new thing of some sorts, like a new business or something. We encounter problems, roadblocks to our progress. It’s so damn hard. It seems that the more we think about the problem the further away the solution seems to be.

Then one day, usually after we’ve given up the fight, taken time to chill out, the answer comes.


Now this development needs to be worked on like a potter works his clay, but the seed of the new thing has sprouted in consciousness and the impetus has been set.

Now the tangible, hands-on creative work can begin.

Until that time we must be content to stay in the moment of now and do the work. Do the everyday work and really engage with it. Explore, play, try new things and most of all, take a break!

Get out of your own way today. Go for a walk, hit the gym, write instead of drawing, draw instead of writing. Sweep the floor, wash some dishes, hang some clothes on the line, or peel some spuds.

Remove yourself from the question and allow your mind time to develop a solution.

You don’t need to make creativity happen.

Creativity will happen by itself.

Originally published at Larry G. Maguire: Writer.