How to Migrate Print Advertisers Into Paying Digital Edition Customers

Sometime shortly after Labor Day, advertisers en masse will start to get serious about their media planning for this upcoming year. At the top of their agenda’s will be figuring out what creative things they can do with their advertising to stand out to prospects and more effectively market themselves.

“Fall selling season is the ideal transition point for publishers to stop giving away ads for free and turn their digital editions into a serious profit center.”

For publisher’s, this is the once-a-year opportunity to demonstrate bold new plans that will retain the business of your current advertisers and win the business of those you weren’t able to get in the previous year.

Make no mistake about it, this is a serious, zero sum game. Advertisers have finite budgets and you either get a piece of it, or you don’t.

Keeping the Status Quo is Moving Backwards

Publishers whose offerings are similar to 12 months ago are actually taking a significant step backwards, because the competition isn’t going to stand still.

However, figuring out what new to do isn’t easy (but don’t worry, that’s why you’re reading here.) Let me show you an example of what you can do to change the game in your market…and then how to implement it.

2 Birds. One Stone.

In one fell swoop, you can excite your market’s advertisers by bringing them an advertising value proposition that is better than anything they’ve ever seen before (literally) and finally start making real money from your digital editions.

Begin by taking a look at this brief ad sales video from Impact Magazine showing their compelling sales proposition and ad technology (my company’s MagTitan). MagTitan is free to use and you could easily make the same offer (or even a better one) to your market.

Once you’ve watched, it will beg the question “Ok,advertisers will find this compelling, but how do we convert advertisers who’ve been used to getting digital ads for free when they buy a print ad, into paying digital customers….without pissing them off?”

To answer that question, this short video will lay out 3 migration options that you can employ to get most, if not all, of your print advertisers to start paying you for digital ads…and be happy about it!

With print readership and advertising steadily declining, migrating advertisers to begin paying for digital should be a “front burner” issue for every publisher.

It can readily be done, but not without giving advertisers a legitimate reason to get excited to begin paying….unfortunately status quo static ads, in difficult to read print replica editions, aren’t going to cut it.

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