Redesigning Chrome Desktop
Sebastien Gabriel

Great technical story and accomplishment! Should be included in every UI curricula. It’s really that good.

On the visual side, many of the MD shortcomings are visible even here

  • in dart themes (Incognito mode) the active tab is barely discernible
  • the green lock for secure sites is now black, making it less intuitive
  • over use of spacing in data lists (e.g. downloads) incurs excessive scrolling and loses overview

There’s no discussion how the user community has been involved in the transition. For a closer look at the turmoil, look here: MD Problems, in the Google Chrome Forum.

BTW: In the closing remarks here (Sebastien’s MD Story), the typo ‘with out users’ should obviously be ‘with our users’, — although at times it feels like user feedback is falling into a black hole ;-).

Great story and accomplishment, still some rough edges to finish off. Please post substantive comments in Chrome forum here.

later, Larry

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