Today I will kill my startup
Stuart of Vacord

Loved the article, and frankly the idea too. The first question that came to my mind was whether you had ever considered developing a Chrome or Firefox plugin for your users that would scrape their profile page or create a pdf from within their browser? You could even have it upload directly to your server from their browser.

I think that could solve the problem of not having access to the user’s dating profile, eliminate some concerns and probably a lot of work on your end.

Second, if you left out photos and personally identifiable information, focusing instead on just the actual content of the profile it would make it more anonymous, allowing you to truly crowdsource the reviews in an open forum with free users. I could be wrong, but i think a lot of women (especially married ones) would dig the thought of being able to review and rate some poor schmuck’s dating profile, especially if it was a integrated or built upon a social platform. You may even be able run Facebook ads to get the reviewers (I’m not sure that this would be against their Terms, but I’m usually wrong).

Getting people to pay for the reviews may be more difficult, but doing the above could possibly cut your costs enough (and work involved) to justify lowering the price or maybe even switching to an ad-revenue based model.

Of course, this all sounds great to some random guy on the internet who hasn’t spent a small fortune and lord knows how much time on the idea already, lol.

Anyway, just thought I’d dump those thoughts here. Your post was good enough to get those rusty old gears turning in my head again. That’s quite a feat!