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Publius Americanus

You said:”Republicans are ALL for renewable energy. What we’re against are programs that provide subsidies that distort markets. When solar can compete with other forms of energy solar will win. Until then it is an interesting hobby for the wealthy

I will believe Republicans are against programs that provide subsidies that distort markets the day our Republican legislature passes a law that repeals the approximately $37.5 billion per year of tax incentives (subsidy by another name) reaped by fossil fuel industries in this country. I can provide a link for this number if you want.

Secondly, solar is not just for the wealthy. If you own your home you can participate in a solar lease program which fixes your monthly energy payment for 20 years without any up front cost. All maintenance etc is done by the leasing company. When you sell the house either the new owner must assume the lease, or you pay a specified prorated termination fee, or in certain circumstances you take the array with you and they reinstall in your next home.

My monthly utility bill is about 50% of what I was paying before and will never go up. I call that competitive.