In one of my clients projects, we are moving some parts from a monolithic PostgreSQL database into some microservices, which use MongoDB for their persistence. The whole migration can be done with native tools — psql and mongoimport to be precise — which results in a very high speed.

The Plan


Davis Turner: Reckitt-Benckiser shoot for Ryder, used under CC-BY-SA-3.0 from

In my team and at my present contract at the Haufe-Group in Freiburg, we are using Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment with a Kubernetes infrastructure — in my team on our own baremetal servers, at Haufe in Azure. What we did not tackle sufficiently so far is storage — and we do not seem to be alone.

I’ve reviewed the state of Kubernetes storage options in mid-2017 with a focus and Free and Open Source products, namely

  • Ceph with
  • Infinit by Docker Inc.
  • NFS-HA with DRBD and pacemaker
  • GlusterFS with Heketi

You can read the result in the Haufe Developer Blog.

Lars Kumbier

IT Consultant

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