We at RiiConnect24 have been looking at getting Animal Crossing Wii DLC to work since 2015. The DLC usually contains a gift that usually is furniture, but can also be a design pattern or a new NPC villager that can move into your town (Nintendo never used this ability). It’s taken us years to figure out why people haven’t been receiving DLC more than one time.

TL;DR: Never got the RC24 carpet or Gracie tile we distributed? We figured out what happened, it was a tiny fix that we didn’t realize needed to be made.

Many years ago, someone named…

It’s been over a year and a half since we made a blog post here. Wow. The reason I haven’t made any new ones is because I thought the whole RiiConnect24 community doesn’t seem to love to read much. It doesn’t matter if it’s read or not. I’m documenting our stories. And hopefully I’ll document more. If you’re reading this, please show your support by “clapping” at the end of this post.

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In the past few months, great minds came together to bring the ultimate collection of WarioWare DIY content online. It started when a friend made a Discord server…

Hi guys,

Hope you are all having a great 2018 so far. Thanks to everyone who has voted in our Everybody Votes Channel polls lately. It’s not like we have as many voters as Nintendo had, but we have added a feature that allows you to see how many voters voted on a poll when you see the results.

I would like to talk about the page we set up showing all of Nintendo’s poll results. …

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Are you ready to vote on some interesting polls?

We at RiiConnect24 are happy to announce that the Everybody Votes Channel has now been brought back after over 4 long years after it was discontinued. Many people have missed the feeling of being able to vote in polls every few days, and a lot of people thought it was fun.

Now to the part most of you care about… You will have to install a patched WAD of the Everybody Votes Channel, even if you have it on your Wii, because it has to be patched. If you have RiiConnect24 installed, please follow the tutorial to get it here…

UPDATE: We are aware of a problem where the game freezes after you get the item and try to detach it from the letter (thus making you unable to throw away the letter). It’s being decided what we are gonna do about it, and we apologize that it has been freezing.

UPDATE 2: The freeze might have been fixed. If you are able to get the item without freezing, please tell us! If it continues to freeze, then we will start distributing a different item.

We have been holding off on releasing DLC for Animal Crossing: City Folk (also known…

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Many years ago, someone named “main()” made a tool called RSSMii so you can get updates from RSS feeds to your Wii Message Board. Well, the server he was using to send updates shut down at some point. We found out that some people either missed the homebrew app or wanted to try it out, so we brought it back! It now uses our server to send updates.

From the README we put up for the GitHub Repository:

RSSMii allows you to get updates from RSS feeds straight to your Wii. …

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The Wii Shop Channel will not allow you to purchase anything January 30, 2019 and Wii Points cannot be added after March 26, 2018. The whole Channel will shut down later in 2019. That’s at least more than a year before it shuts down, but do not worry. We at RiiConnect24 are prepared.

Nintendo has said this on their UK website:

“In 2019, we will close the Wii Shop Channel used on Wii and Wii U (the Wii Shop Channel is accessible on the Wii U via the Wii backwards compatibility feature), which has been available since [November] 2006. …

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Long live using Reuters for the News Channel!

UPDATE: We have brought back Associated Press news because it seems they haven’t fully shut the thing down. It’s been working for a few days now, so hopefully we can use Associated Press for more time. We started using a news source called Expansión for Spanish news which is better than EFE (and combines news from multiple sources).

The RiiConnect24 News Channel is now using Reuters for all English news and EFE for all Spanish news. Here’s why:

We used the Associated Press as the news source for the News Channel in English and Spanish (in America only). On Friday…

IMPORTANT: We apologize to existing RiiConnect24 users, but to continue using us you need to change your DNS to and repatch your nwc24msg.cfg on our Discord chat. Instructions are here.

Hey! We have moved to a new VPS from OVH for these following reasons:

  • Cheaper
  • Better performance
  • Potentially faster
  • Everything will be managed better

So you now have to change your DNS and repatch your nwc24msg.cfg to continue using RiiConnect24. We’ll be better than ever! If you’re wondering, the VPS is hosted in France.

We’re excited about the new VPS and I hope you continue to enjoy RiiConnect24! As always, keep waiting and we’ll release more stuff!

P.S. If you came here from the Forecast or the News Channel after doing the steps please wait until the start of the next hour to use the Channels again.

Hey guys, so a few days ago we decided to start selling merchandise on Redbubble. Part of the funds go to us, which we will take as a donation. We even have merchandise with PokeAcer’s famous Mii on it.

Also, we made an account on Medium which we will start posting updates like this one on. Make sure to check it out!

I’m not sure if you seen the video we made about the Everybody Votes Channel taking a while to be released, but here’s the link to the video:


We also improved the RiiConnect24 News Channel, so more…

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