We at RiiConnect24 have been looking at getting Animal Crossing Wii DLC to work since 2015. The DLC usually contains a gift that usually is furniture, but can also be a design pattern or a new NPC villager that can move into your town (Nintendo never used this ability). It’s taken us years to figure out why people haven’t been receiving DLC more than one time.

TL;DR: Never got the RC24 carpet or Gracie tile we distributed? We figured out what happened, it was a tiny fix that we didn’t realize needed to be made.

Many years ago, someone named conanac made a homebrew application called DiiLC that can download Nintendo’s DLC currently on their servers or some “hacked” DLC. Around the same era, a tool named EZ DLC Install was made, allowing you to inject any of Nintendo’s DLC or hacked DLC in your save file. …

It’s been over a year and a half since we made a blog post here. Wow. The reason I haven’t made any new ones is because I thought the whole RiiConnect24 community doesn’t seem to love to read much. It doesn’t matter if it’s read or not. I’m documenting our stories. And hopefully I’ll document more. If you’re reading this, please show your support by “clapping” at the end of this post.

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In the past few months, great minds came together to bring the ultimate collection of WarioWare DIY content online. …

Hi guys,

Hope you are all having a great 2018 so far. Thanks to everyone who has voted in our Everybody Votes Channel polls lately. It’s not like we have as many voters as Nintendo had, but we have added a feature that allows you to see how many voters voted on a poll when you see the results.

I would like to talk about the page we set up showing all of Nintendo’s poll results. …