When I decided to get into the Cosmetic Laser World, I was excited to share my knowledge of skin care, and skin issues with employers who hired me for those reasons. I quickly realized that doctors’ offices really do not want you to give your HONEST opinion about certain skin care ingredients, and products! They would rather sell their products they promote at an EXTREMELY high, and unjustified dollar amount. I believe people deserve the truth about what really works, and what doesn’t!! So much so, I chose to study in-depth various cosmetic lasers, and their results, and give up promoting skin care!! That is one of the many reasons I decided to open up my own Laser Med Spa!!! No frills, no fancy upscale offices; just simple, honest consults with effective and results-oriented lasers and laser treatments!!!! Don’t be fooled by the “big guys!” Bigger and more expensive is NOT better!! In addition, I am changing the way people “shop” for Laser Treatments!! I provide a significant cash discount EVERY day on various treatments, putting money back in YOUR pocket where it belongs!! Go online today to: Aesthetics 2 You, LLC-Genbook. Check out our complete Menu of Services.